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Mercy Ashaba

Co-founder & CEO

Mercy is a dedicated speech-language pathologist at Case Clinic in Kampala. Witnessing the financial struggles her family faced due to a medical emergency in her father's life inspired her mission. She strongly advocates for universal access to healthcare without financial barriers. Prior to Peleyta Health, she founded Iguru Therapies, a healthcare startup in Uganda.

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Douglas Smith

Co-Founder & COO

Douglas, Co-founder & COO, merges his passion for sports and health. With a background in the healthcare industry, he ardently supports the cause of making healthcare affordable for everyone. Doug is renowned for founding Sportrise, an African-inspired sports brand that produced Lulu footballs crafted by refugees, spreading a message of hope, unity, and resilience globally.

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Twesigye Emmanuel

Co-founder & CFO

Emmanuel Twesigye, a dynamic serial entrepreneur, brings extensive experience in the credit industry. Leading the team at Everlend to become East Africa's leading digital microfinance platform, he created sustainable profits for last-mile farmers and SMEs. Also with a background in insuretech, Emmanuel firmly believes that healthcare is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

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Nahabwe MacDanson

Co-founder & CTO

MacDanson, a seasoned Software Developer with over 12 years of hands-on developer experience, is renowned for leading the team at Nugsoft Technologies to develop Clinic Plus, a popular Clinic/Hospital information management software revolutionizing hospital operations in Africa through innovative technology.

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